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Dr. D Pharma is an ISO certified Company that was established in 1999 and has been famous for bringing quality-oriented pharmaceutical products into the market. With the help of our skilled and dedicated co-operations across India, we have gained a great position as the Top Pharmaceuticals Company in Chandigarh. The firm is nationally known for its effective, quality, durable and efficient medicines which are available at the affordable rates.

We have more the 250+ Pharma products in various sections like tablets, capsules, injections, etc. by looking at the increasing requirements of the market we are offering various segments for PCD Pharma Franchise business and third party manufacturing service. The best Pharma Company offers their monopoly-based PCD Pharma Franchise and Third Party Manufacturing business opportunities all over the nation. Our products portfolio covers the most comprehensive range of antibiotics medicines, derma range, analgesics range, nutraceutical range, anti-cold and cough, anti-infective range, etc. which are manufactured under the strict QA/QC control guidelines.

Dr. D Pharma has its own certified manufacturing units which are set up in Himachal Pradesh, and work under the guidelines of WHO and GMP  which is government-approved for quality production. Each drug production is acquired after careful inspection by a team of qualified and skilled pharmacologists. We adhere to bring the most effective range of drugs under strict controls to ensure good results which makes us the top pharmaceuticals company in Chandigarh. The company has installed the latest machinery in the sites with modern technology which helps in cost-efficient manufacturing. Being an Top Pharmaceuticals Company in Chandigarh our partners experience a vast advantage such as attractive promotional tools, spacious area for marketing preferences, monopoly services, etc. Our wide network of logistic partners guaranteed quick delivery with top-class packaging. If any person or company is interested in part of Top Pharmaceuticals Company in Chandigarh we can help them with our best services.

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    Dr. D Pharma - Best Company for
    Derma Range & General Range

    Dr. D Pharma provides what patients need. The company is strengthening its presence in India through its PCD -business. High-quality health products or medicines are becoming necessary across the country. Therefore, we constantly keep innovating new drug formulations to help the people live a healthier lives. Dedicated employees, creative thinking, and health resources are the strengths of Dr. D Pharma Company. Our employees, who have extensive experience, are the key to our success. Be part of the best Pharmaceuticals Company in Chandigarh and get the chance to start your own business.

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    We Offer High Quality Range of
    Pharmaceuticals products

    Dr. D Pharma has brought a number of high-quality and highly effective pharmaceutical products to the market. Over the years the company has built a healthy and diverse line of drugs that have made us the Best Pharmaceuticals Company in Chandigarh. With the use of innovative and advanced technology, we have successfully tackled the most serious health problems in society. We offer innovative products of unique quality in the industry.









    Ayurvedic Product Range

    Herbal Mantra

    Ayurvedic product is the traditional and an antique medical procedure to treat disease. Such products formulated with the help of pure and yet fresh chemical extracts, which are free from side-effects. Every person is fond of the Ayurvedic Medicine range for its quick effects and affordable prices. At Dr. D Pharma, we are also indulged in manufacturing Ayurvedic Products and provide Pharma Franchise for Ayurvedic Range to promote its easy availability in all the demanded areas.

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    Allopathic Product Range

    Nowadays there is a huge demand for Pharmaceutical products in the market. Due to increasing population and other environmental issues creating bad health problems. Which is the main reason for the rising demand for medicines. In the medicines segment, allopathic medicine is pretty much popular as compare to others. Allopathic drugs are basically a practice of traditional or conventional medicines to Western medicine. The main factor is the chances of side effect is very low.

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    Nutraceutical Third Party List

    The demand for Nutraceutical drugs has increased in the past few years. This market is booming and those companies who invest in this segment are making huge profits. When looking for optimal solutions, Dr. D Pharma has always struck a good strategic deal with clients across India. We aim at meeting the different demands of clients owing to different dosage segments that one might be looking for a Third-party Nutraceutical Medicine manufacturer in India. Set up in the excise free zones of Himachal Pradesh, you enjoy world-class infrastructure, modern state of art manufacturing facilities, and the best quality control affairs.

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    Ayurvedic Third Party List

    Herbal Mantra

    Dr. D Pharma, with quality production, offers the best ayurvedic third party manufacturing opportunities. We deal in all sorts of ayurvedic medicines and products, produced under the guidance of well-experienced practitioners, with the superlative quality of herbs. This often leads you towards the great heights of business success. Join hands with us at Dr. D Pharam for the top 3rd party manufacturing of ayurvedic products.

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    Dr. D Pharma value life and health in this way and offer experiences through a variety of products. The company has made a good contribution to the pharmaceutical industry and pushed the industry forward with high-quality pharmaceutical products that are in great demand in the industry. We respond to the needs of patients or clients and help them gain a better heart.

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    • Become our partner and take advantage of the best growth opportunities in the pharmaceutical sector.
    • Our PCD Pharma franchise partners receive modern quality assurance products.
    • D Pharma has fully integrated manufacturing facilities, which makes us one of the best PCD Business.
    • The company continues to introduce new and innovative strategies to strengthen its industry presence
    • We guarantee 100% product availability.
    • Fast delivery all over India.
    • Each product is carefully packaged and stored in our extensive microbial warehouse.
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