Third Party Manufacturing

D Pharma is set up in the northern indian state of Himachal Pradesh is WHO-GMP and ISO accredited offers Third Party Manufacturing service for Indian market. As leading Third Party manufacturer in northern India with state of the art manufacturing facilities in tax free zone, with commitment towards working collaboratively with our customers. We are having capacity for large scale productions of tablets, capsules, dry syrups, syrups, neutraceuticals and injections.

It is committed to provide quality branded medicines & generics at affordable prices to patients worldwide aiming to reduce health care costs.

Among all the top class Pharma manufacturing companies in India, we are ethically oriented and generic Pharma handling unit based in India. Our Company focuses on maintaining social responsibilities, the important values of the industry and offering complete support regarding the Pharma industry to the people.

Our team is highly committed to the Pharma and medical excellence when it is all about high standard and high quality products as our main focus has always been protecting individuals with regard to the health standards. In the current world, with competitive space all over, our Pharma manufacturing company stays strong and has gained a good repute in the industry. No matter what challenges we have to face, we make sure that our faults are treated as early as possible and we focus completely on what we are doing to serve the best to the society.

We are established Pharma manufacturers in India, and have successfully spread all over the nation and have been ranked under top Pharma names in quite a less time.

Our aim is to learn from the global world so that new ways are incorporated which can treat the people of our nation in the best means.

Our Pharma manufacturing company is not only passionate towards manufacturing of medicines and related products, we also make sure that the package is done in a proper way, the products are distributed on time and the export work also goes in a smooth manner.